911 call made by great-grandmother reporting Casey Hathaway missing

Published: Jan. 24, 2019 at 2:19 PM EST
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A 911 call has captured the moments the great-grandmother of Casey Hathaway called to report him missing.

Below is the verbatim taken from that call. Some portions of the call appear to have been redacted by emergency officials.

The call was made at 2:10 p.m.:

Dispatch: Craven County 911.

Caller: 200 Toler Road - Ernul.

Dispatch: 200 Toler Road?


Dispatch: Ok and what's going on there?

Caller: We've lost my two-year-old grandson -- he's walked in the woods back there and we can't find him -- three-year-old grandson.

Dispatch: Okay -- so -- who's there with him?

Caller: His little sister.

Dispatch: Are you saying he's a three-year-old?

Caller: Yeah he's three. The girls come to the house and left him there -- and he's walked off somewhere and we can't find him.

Dispatch: But you're not there at the house now?

Caller: I'm at the house yeah.

Dispatch: And how long ago do you know he walked in there?

Caller: It's been at least 45 minutes cause we've been looking all up in the woods for him.

Dispatch: And it's behind your house? Is it directly behind your house?

Caller: Yeah -- well on the side yeah.

Dispatch: Is he white -- black?

Caller: He's white.

Dispatch: Do you know what he was wearing?

Caller: Probably a black little coat.

Dispatch: A black coat?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Okay -- Does he usually do this?

Caller: Huh?

Dispatch: Does he usually do this?

Caller: No.

Dispatch: Was he wearing pants?

Caller: Yeah he had pants.

Dispatch: Was it jeans?

Caller: Yeah I think so.

Dispatch: You said about 45 minutes ago?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Okay -- Is it a big area of woods behind your house?

Caller: Yeah it's pretty big.

Dispatch: Okay you've been out there looking for him?


Dispatch: Alright -- we've got a deputy headed to you, okay? And you said 45 minutes directly behind your house or the side?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: We have some deputies headed that way, okay?

Caller: Okay. thank you.