65th Anniversary of Hurricane Hazel

EASTERN CAROLINA, (WITN) - Tuesday marked the 65th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel's landfall. It was the strongest hurricane to hit our coast in recorded history.

That's why the North Carolina Maritime Museum has a new exhibit looking at how hurricanes impact our coastline.

The display tracks the 12 most deadly storms to hit the shore, from Hazel to Florence and it includes everything from artifacts to videos. There is even a way to compare damage using a touch screen monitor.

Museum employees say it's important to remember storms like Hazel and the role they have played in shaping our communities.

"People have been very interactive with it, they've wanted to see the touch screen. There's a section where you can write your advice since you've been here what would you tell people who are new to the area, how would you prepare? So not only is it a history exhibit but it's also a way to help the public understand what it’s like to live in hurricane ally,” said Museum Manager Lori Sanderlin.

Hurricane Hazel killed 19 people and destroyed more than 15,000 homes when it made landfall in 1954.