Category 4 Hurricane Dorian maintains strength, slightly lower central pressure

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Hurricane Dorian
As of 8 pm Saturday
Maximum Sustained Winds
150 mph
Central Pressure
941 mb
West at 8 mph

The atmospheric setup regarding the eventual track of Dorian has continued to evolve resulting in small shifts in the forecast path. As of midday Saturday, the ridge north of Dorian is expected to strengthen and force the storm to continue westward through the weekend.

By Labor Day, the same steering ridge is expected to weaken allowing Dorian to turn northwest and then northerly. Direct impacts to Eastern North Carolina will be determined by the eventual turn to the north of the storm. It appears the hurricane will lose some intensity as it approaches the Carolinas and may continue turning to the northeast as passes by. It appears Thursday will have the greatest impacts from Dorian for North Carolina, however this can change with future updates.

The current National Hurricane Center forecast track brings the center of Dorian to just south of Wilmington by Thursday morning. The forecast is for the storm to be a category 2 hurricane at that time while moving toward the northeast.