PCC Students experience symptoms of Dementia during training simulation

WINTERVILLE, NC (WITN) - Pitt Community College Health Sciences students got a revealing look Wednesday at what it's like to live with dementia.

The students simulated the Dementia experience as part of the school's Dementia sensitivity training.

Students were asked to complete simple tasks while wearing glasses and headphones that distort vision and hearing. They also wore inserts in their shoes that simulate nerve sensations.

Most of the students couldn't complete any of the tasks successfully, and they say it changed their understanding of the patients they will someday be caring for.

PCC Nursing student Don Yim said, "This is a total different aspect. I guess be more patient with those patients, and be more attentive and be more caring to those people because they need a lot more than they think we need."

Pitt Community College faculty say they expect an increase in Dementia patients as the baby boomers continue to age.