42 arrested in fake I.D., violence crackdown in Greenville

Published: Aug. 25, 2018 at 4:06 AM EDT
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An undercover push to crack down on underage drinking and violence in one Eastern Carolina city landed dozens of people behind bars.

Officers from Alcohol Law Enforcement, Pitt County ABC, the states License, and Theft Agency and local police were out monitoring high-risk areas throughout Greenville on Friday as part of a major crackdown on the crimes that officials say have been rising, primarily focusing on violence and Fake I.D'.s.

Starting at 7 PM those agencies began monitoring off-premise sites, like gas stations and grocery stores that sell alcohol for consumption off their premise, looking for violators.

"There are a lot of things we can get into including ABC offenses, as far as sales to underage, underage purchasing alcohol, fraudulent identifications. There is just a myriad of things that happen at ABC businesses," said Eric Swain, the Special Agent in charge of the local ALE district.

Starting at 11:00 PM, phase two of the enforcement began at restaurants and clubs in the uptown area, where officers were looking specifically for underage drinking and fake I.D.'s brought in by college students.

The third and final phase then began at 2:30 am with officers monitoring to make sure establishments were shutting down and getting people out in accordance with the law.

In total, 42 people were arrested and 67 people were charged in the operation. Swain says 39 people are charged with alcohol offenses, while 13 are facing drug charges.

No local businesses received any violations during the operation.

Friday's enforcement in Greenville was part of a larger operation that took place under every ALE agency across the state.

If you are ever at an establishment that sells or serves alcohol and notice illegal activity, ALE encourages you to contact them through their tipline.

Calls can be made anonymously to 1-877-253-2436.