Thousands of drivers issued red light camera tickets monthly in Greenville

Published: May. 21, 2018 at 5:26 AM EDT
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More than a thousand drivers are receiving red light tickets every month in Greenville, six months after the introduction of a new red light camera program that one lawsuit is challenging the legality of.

The latest numbers released by the City of Greenville show that 1,632 drivers were ticketed in April for trying to beat the red at five different intersections.

Greenville spokesperson Brock Letchworth says that number has decreased since the program first began, which city leaders take as a good sign because the ultimate goal of the program is to reduce traffic violations.

"Originally, we had a spike in the number of tickets that were issued early on, but lately we've leveled off at around 1,600 tickets per month," said Letchworth.

If you're caught going through a red light, it'll cost you $100. State law requires that the money from the fines go to public schools.

Letchworth says $69.15 is given to Pitt County Public Schools and $30.85 is given to American Traffic Solutions to pay for the program. So far, the program has generated about $681,816 for Pitt County Schools.


​ was filed earlier this month challenging the legality of the program, arguing that the public school system isn't getting their mandatory share of funds and that yellow lights are too short.

While the city isn't commenting on the lawsuit, Letchworth did comment on the timing of the yellow lights.

"We actually increased the time slightly at the intersections with the red light cameras for the yellow light. We increased it by 3/10 of a second at those intersections," Letchworth explained.

He said they did that to give people more time to stop at the intersections.

Based on the latest numbers, East Arlington Blvd and Greenville Blvd is where a majority of the violations take place, most frequently between 3 p.m.-4 p.m. on Friday afternoons.