Trenton library repaired and reopened

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 7:24 PM EST
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People in Trenton are happy to have their library back, but they say it’s more than just books, and reading for leisure, that brings them here. The technology inside the little brick building helps many people out connect to the world beyond Jones County.

Library officials say locals have been without more than just books in the time the library was closed for repairs. The little library is a huge help to the people who come here daily to use their computers, people like 9 year old Ashton Sproul. He said, "It's one of my favorite places to come because I really like to read a lot, and it's just fun coming here and seeing what they have that's new."

Trenton Librarian Carol Lee says people often use the internet to make and send résumés, and complete job applications. She says they've missed out on using the system since its closure and she's missed being there too. "I was really kinda lonely. I stayed home, and I missed the library. It's just one more step on the way to the way things used to be," added Lee.

In rural areas like Jones County, not everyone has access to a strong internet connection, so the library is a go-to for many who need it’s technology.

Library patron Debra Heath said, ”At my house you can’t get Internet very easily, there’s only one company, so you can come here and use it and you don’t have to pay.”

No computers were lost to hurricane Florence. The brick structure held strong during the storm, and kept all it’s books dry as well. It was damage underneath the building that kept people out until last Wednesday.

More than 8 thousand people visited this library last year according to officials, and now that it’s reopened since Florence, the librarian, Miss Carol, as people have called her today, says she is looking forward to being here again for the thousands visits this year.

The Trenton library is just down the street from the Jones county courthouse, which is still closed for repairs.

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