Pitt County students participate in bus sculpture project

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 8:57 PM EST
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Some students were able to learn about art and be a part of it at the same time through a documentary.

Students from Greenville Montessori School and Belvoir School helped local artist Sally Jacobs.

Jacobs is a painter and multi-media artist.

Monday students used stencils to paint an old school bus.

The project is called the "Bus Sculpture Project," and it tells a story of migrant farm workers in eastern North Carolina.

A film crew also shot a documentary on the project.

In addition to the artwork - students watched a film about migrant farm workers and then wrote a letter to a farm worker.

Jacobs says, "Bring communities together that usually don't overlap. We bring kids together and they share a experience that creates a conversation and unity."

According to Jacobs, the project will create a platform for farmworkers to tell their stories in their own voices, while highlighting the essential economic and cultural contributions of the migrant farmworker population.

Repurposed schools buses sometimes serve as transportation for migrant workers to and from the fields.