Onslow County Health Department still advises getting flu shot

Photo courtesy MGN
Photo courtesy MGN(KKTV)
Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 8:56 PM EST
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Flu season in North Carolina is shaping up to be deadlier than last year and it's why health officials are urging people it's not too late to get vaccinated as the peak of the season isn't until February.

The death toll from the flu in North Carolina is at 33 after 15 weeks of this flu season, compared to 23 at the same time last year. Eleven people died from the flu just last week.

Hayley Axtell of Onslow County says, "It's bad, kids are getting it more than once this year. My son has the flu again. We went for all the regular process that the doctors told us to do, and three weeks later he started showing symptoms again."

In Onslow County, the health department noticed this season started stronger than normal.

Kimberly Lewis, disease nurse, says "It did come on a little bit stronger, and it did hit a little harder in the beginning. We have since leveled off and are in the middle of where we've been."

Lewis also says If you have not been vaccinated, "Please come and get your flu shot. That is the single most important thing that you can do."

Axtell says, "I already had my flu shot, my husband didn't however, and he got the flu."

If you're wondering about the impact of fluctuating temperatures, Lewis says, "The weather, per se, will not make you more susceptible. But it does definitely affect your body. Your body is used to staying at one certain temperature, so when it has to change and goes from cold to hot all of a sudden, that actually does weaken your immune system a little bit, because your body is having to adjust to the temperature.

Experts also said even if you've already had the flu this season, you should still get the flu shot, because you're still susceptible to catching the other strains of the flu.

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