OBX residents and visitors return following Dorian

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 8:18 PM EDT
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Residents are continuing to return to Dare County after mandatory evacuations for Hurricane Dorian over the weekend.

Residents and renters say you can see effects of the hurricane on the beach, like the debris from two piers partially damaged by the strong winds, Avalon Pier and Nags Head pier.

"Down, right down the beach here the pier was washed away. So yesterday when we came on we were actually quite sad to see you know that there was so much debris on the beach, but we actually chipped in a little bit, we helped to make a pile of the pier which we, I don't know, felt was kind of helpful. But there's a lot of broken shells and pieces of the pier and nails and screws. But besides that, you know, it's pretty good for what we thought could've happened," said Ali Trovillion, a visitor in Nags Head.

The strong winds also caused havoc on the Manteo-Nags Head causeway, snapping utility poles there.

Those who live close to the beach also said flooding from Dorian and from recent heavy rains is difficult to deal with and that the draining system is inefficient. Several homes had water gathered under them in the Nags Head area.

However, frequent visitor Mark Perkos said that they were lucky this time around. "I'm just thankful that there were no lives lost around here and that everybody seemed to make it out okay...ready for the next one," he said.

Dare County was one of the first counties to announce a state of emergency and a mandatory evacuation for residents and visitors last week ahead of Dorian.

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