Jacksonville recovery challenges worsen with Tropical Storm Michael

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) Jacksonville prepared for Tropical Storm Michael, but the storm may add to the already long list of challenges in the recovery process following Hurricane Florence.

Jacksonville resident Menekse Andaya says, "My son's bedroom is damaged, um, my bathroom, my closet, all my clothes, the roof, half of the roof is gone."​​

Onslow County resident Sharon Brown says, "I looked out the window today and I saw a tree, and I told my husband, I said, 'well, that tree will be down tonight probably, if the rain and wind comes as bad as they're saying it's coming."

All it takes is a drive through a neighborhood in Jacksonville to see house after house with tarps on the roofs, some of them already blowing off, and the expected high winds from Michael have home owners concerned.

Andaya says, "One of the tarps is already coming out and I have a hole, I guess, on top of my roof, so, I don't know, I'm scared."

Additionally, Jacksonville officials say existing debris from Florence being blown around by high winds could set storm clean-up back to square one.

Wally Hansen, Jacksonville Public Service Director says, "The main concern is probably just the elevated wind, because we do have debris out there left from Hurricane Florence, and while we're diligently working at getting that up, there's just so much."

Jacksonville crews also worked this week to avoid flooding by clearing debris from Florence that is still on the roads.

Brown says, "With the wind coming in today I look for some of that debris to blow all over the highway."