ENC woman helping Hurricane Dorian victims in Bahamas

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WITN) As a North Carolina native, Brittney Brown says she has dealt with many storms, which is why she decided to give back to the Bahamas after many lost their homes due to Hurricane Dorian.

Brown, who lives in Duplin County, has been volunteering with disaster relief organizations since she was in high school. She says she got the idea to send feminine hygiene products after realizing women's needs aren't being met.

"This is something that we as women go through every single month and it doesn't stop just because there's a disaster," says Brown.

Each bag that Brown packs is shipped to the Bahamas with the help of HeadKnowles, a nonprofit organization in Florida.

Brown says, "Even if they don't use it for that one time they can keep this little bag with them and they have it to reuse and it may be the only thing that they have to be able to call their own for the next six months while they're going through all of this rebuilding and all of these relief efforts."

Brown says she hopes women who are receiving these bags feel loved.

"Having somebody that cares enough that even is thousands of miles away to send you something so personal, I think has a great impact," she says.

And she does this on her own dime.

"I have my own bills and my own needs but, for me, this is important. So, I have found ways to make it happen," says Brown.

Brown has already shipped 25 bags of feminine hygiene products to the Bahamas and plans to send one shipment a week for the next three weeks.