ECU economist: Greenville-Pitt County economic forecast looks good

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) A leading economics and business expert says the outlook for one of eastern Carolina's largest cities is strong in 2019.

Dr. Rick Niswander with the ECU College of Business presented his annual economic forecast and outlook for the national, state, and local economies to the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

He says the stock market will continue to see ups and downs, but the overall economy should stay strong this year. He says many eastern Carolina counties are still facing challenging times, but that the Greenville area is continuing a years long pattern of growth.

Dr. Niswander says, "2019 is probably going to be fine. There's some risks involved, but the economy is moving up. Employment is good. All, almost all the important indicators are pointing in the right direction, so I think 2019 is good."

And Niswander says that issues in Asia and Europe need to be watched for their impacts here at home. He also cautions that next year in 2020, the economy could see a decline.