Crews repair utility pole damaged in snowy accident

DUPLIN COUNTY (WITN) The snow eastern Carolina experienced caused slick roads in some areas across the east including Duplin County where first responders had a busy evening keeping up with calls that were coming in.

Officials there said the storm did cause some drivers to go off the road.

The Warsaw Fire Department says a pickup truck drove off of Highway 24 and crashed into a utility post, breaking it at the bottom. Crews were out repairing that post Friday.

Officials say some sleet and ice came down before the snow, which caused slippery spots on the roads.

Duplin county Highway patrol responded to eight crashes, but says no one was hurt.

Officials say in wintry conditions, many accidents are a result of people not taking the time to slow down and be a little extra careful. John Blackmore, Warsaw Fire Chief says, "The best way to describe it is, if you say a hurricane is coming in North Carolina, everybody says, okay, hurricane is coming. If you say snow, everybody just goes nuts. And that's pretty much how we handle snow in this area. We're not used to it. People forget how to drive in it."

WITN's Weather Team says most of Duplin County saw 1 to 2 inches of snow, with more in the northern part of the county.