Challenger defeats longtime Plymouth Mayor

Published: Nov. 6, 2019 at 8:05 PM EST
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After almost two decades in office as Mayor of Plymouth, voters went to the polls Tuesday and elected a new leader.

Shawn Hawkins is the new Mayor of Plymouth, defeating incumbent and long-time Mayor Brian Roth.

Stella Piatt is the owner of Stella's Cafe in downtown Plymouth who says many people are shocked after Tuesday's municipal election results.

"I think Brian did a good job when he was in office. I think he was really a hard worker. I worked with him the last several years on one of our festivals, our boat races," says Piatt.

Mayor Roth has served the town of Plymouth for ninteen years and after Tuesday's election that will be no more.

Piatt says, "I think Brian has a lot of contacts, good contacts that it's going to take Shawn awhile to have the same kind of contacts."

Mayor - elect Hawkins hopes to bring some change to the town.

"Family, friends and a lot of those individuals in the neighborhood that wanted to see some progressive changes and it stood pretty evident within the community by way of the election results," says Hawkins.

One change he hopes to bring to the town is to bridge the gap between local officials and the community and offer open dialogue between the two to start a progression plan for Plymouth.

Hawkins says, "We have to involve everybody in the process and procedure in terms of moving Plymouth forward."

Hawkins also hopes to improve infrastructure, something Piatt wants to see as a business owner.

She says,"Downtown, I think it should be considered a top priority to get these buildings in shape and get more businesses down here."

Overall, Piatt and other local business owners want to see Hawkins bring in more tourists.