ELIMINATED: Sabrina Simmons

Name: Sabrina Simmons
Major: Biology Pre-Dental at Campbell University
Why They Should Be a Contestant: I am not just an average student! So far I have attained an Associate’s Degree in Dental Assisting, scoring a job while performing my externship! I then worked as an assistant for one and a half years. While working there my passion for the dental field flourished! With inspiration from coworkers I put in an application for Campbell Biology- Pre-Dental program and was accepted! I am now in my first semester at Campbell. Might I add, during all of this, I have managed taking care of my two year old daughter! Once my undergrad is complete I will apply to UNC and my plans are to sign a four year contract to work with my previous employer as a Dentist! In the mean time I volunteer every chance I get and am waitressing to keep up my bills. I am not doing any of this by chance, this is my dream I’m chasing. I hope to one day have my own dental clinic where I can serve my community and give back to others. This is the life I want to create for me and my daughter! Winning this scholarship will help me get one step closer to accomplishing my goal! The fact that I have never given up and I continue to work towards my goal makes me an outstanding contestant!

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