RUNNER UP: Bridget Kuna

Name: Bridget C. Kuna
Major: Communications Major at Coastal Carolina Community College
Why They Should Be a Contestant: For as far back as I can remember, I have always put other people before myself. Even as a child, I would help my parents work events at my church, running around like a little worker mouse doing the little things. As I got into my middle school years, I started volunteering for the local, non-profit Haunted Downtown as well as teaching Faith Formation at my church. From there, my passion for getting involved grew even bigger and I began spreading my roots into different clubs and organizations at school. As of this year, I have been involved in 8 different clubs including White Oak Marshals, Class Officers, National Honor Society, and Musical. In addition to the numerous extracurriculars that I take part in, I have succeeded in keeping a high grade point average (over a 4.0) while also being an AP student, and being recognized by the North Carolina Governor’s School as a nominee then an interviewee. Despite my successes as an outstanding student, the monetary aspect of attending a university holds me back from reaching my full potential. Being a twin, in a now single parent family, it’s tough to think that I might have to relegate my education so that my sisters might have better opportunities. I believe that I should be a contestant for this scholarship because as a well-rounded, hardworking student, I shouldn’t have to worry about how I am going to get through college.

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