ELIMINATED: Alessandra Lazarek

Name: Alessandra Lazarek
Major: English Education and English at East Carolina University
Why They Should Be a Contestant: I would love the opportunity to compete for tuition assistance! I have four jobs, a small business, and I go to school full-time. You could say I’m pretty darn busy. I don’t let it negatively impact my school performance, though. I have a 4.0 GPA at East Carolina University. Winning $5000 for my tuition and additional assistance for my books would significantly help me! I could even potentially take a break from at least two of my jobs to give me more time to focus on school. I could really kick butt in a competition, so I hope you guys give me a try! And how cool would it be to say I competed for a scholarship sponsored by a radio show and soda company and triumphed above all others? Thank you for the opportunity!!

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