ELIMINATED: Austin Evans

Name: AJ (Austin) Evans
Major: Business Major at Winston-Salem State University
Why They Should Be a Contestant: As a contestant of the Bob 93.3 Tuition Mission Scholarship Contest I will have the opportunity jump-start my freshman year of college with excellence. As a first-generation college student with limited financial support this contest could provide me with the funds I need to be financially stable. I would be an outstanding contestant because I like to have fun in all that I do and create a positive atmosphere. I also believe that it is important to cherish the things you have been honored with. It would truly be an honor to be a contestant as I would use this opportunity to strive for academic excellence and be a leader amongst my peers. As a contest, the Bob 93.3 Tuition Mission contest it will give me the opportunity to fulfill my school’s motto, “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.”

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