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Charity Williams

My name is Charity Williams. I am a seventeen-year-old senior at Goldsboro High School, in Goldsboro, NC. Currently, I am the senior class president, captain of the cheerleading team, and hold the number two spot in my class; meanwhile, I take care of my six-month old daughter, Abrianna, while working a part-time job. Being a double minority and a victim of teen pregnancy challenged me to fight for my future, accepting nothing less than success. Despite adversity, I have managed to complete my Associates of Arts degree from Wayne Community College. My education resides deeply in my heart, as well as my family, and my faith. My mother, my sister, and I have always had each other, so when my mother had a massive stroke in May 2011, it left my sister, 10, and myself, 9, with shaken faith and shattered hope. This tragic event, hence, has derived my passion to become a Surgeon in the Emergency Room.

SCHOOL: Goldsboro High School
NAME: Charity Williams
AGE: 17
PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR: My plan following graduation are to attend A&T State University, majoring in Biology.
WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING TASK AS A SENIOR: My most challenging task as a senior has been finding out who I really am, what I really want, and what I have to do in order to achieve my goal.
WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR UNDER CLASSMEN: My advice to the underclassmen would be to get involved with as many clubs as possible! Being involved allows you to develop numerous relationships with teachers as well as students that will aid you in the future.
WHAT HAS BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR: The highlight of my senior year was leading my team, as captain, to winning the NCAA states cheerleading competition in Raleigh, NC.
WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: In 10 years, I see myself being an Emergency Room Pediatric Surgeon. Although this may seem impossible, with my associate degree, this will bypass some of the time required for my long journey.
WHO IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY: The most influential person in my life is my mother. As a single mother of two, my mom has never failed to provide my sister and I with the best that this world has to offer. Not only has she been an amazing mother, but she is by far the strongest woman I know. After having a massive stroke, just shy of 41, she still managed to provide for my sister and I. She is clothed in strength and dignity, but this massive stroke has inspired me to develop a passion for the Emergency Room to reassure hope in other families in emergencies as the hope was instilled in ours.
I AM MOST UNIQUE BECAUSE: I am most unique because I resemble a pen. When I make mistakes in life, unlike a pencil, I do not erase my mistakes; however, I simply transform the ending to my story.
WHAT IS THE ONE QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
1. My Faith
2. My Family
3. My Values
4. My Goals
5. My Effort
IF YOU COULD MOVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE AND WHY: If I could move anywhere in the world, I would move to South America. I would move to South America because I am fascinated with rain forest. These are beautiful, calming environments that allow you to escape the daily pressures of this world.
WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOUR CLASSMATES STILL DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU AFTER ALL THIS TIME: One thing my classmates still don’t know about me is that behind this strong influential young lady, there is an even strong support system.
WHICH YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL WAS YOUR FAVORITE: My favorite year of high school was my Junior year. During my junior year, I became number two in my class, received my license, and graduated from Wayne Community College with an Associate of Arts degree.
IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON A DESERTED ISLAND AND COULD ONLY TAKE ONE ITEM WITH YOU, WHAT WOULD IT BE?: If I were stranded on a deserted island, one item I would take with me would be ax. An ax could aid in numerous things such as building shelter, chopping wood, carving, starting a fire, or even killing animals for food.

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