End of Year Giving Is Important to Non-profit Organizations

Sponsored - According to philanthropy experts, nearly one third or 31% of all contributions in the United States are made in December, and as much as 18% of all contributions are made in the last three days of December. Nonprofit organizations may expect to receive between 26% to 50% of their annual contributions as year-end gifts.

The increase in year-end giving to non-profit organizations which support a myriad of causes has become similar to the surge of retail shopping during the holiday season as people prepare to provide gifts personally to family and friends. Gifts to organizations has become a popular holiday tradition. One philanthropy researcher noted “people feel responsible during the holidays to support causes for the faceless as well as their family and friends.”

Year-end contributions not only support the non-profit organizations, but provide timely tax deductions for donors. Many donors review their charitable giving budgets during November and December to make sure they make contributions before December 31.

Local non-profit organizations such as college foundations, churches, the Humane Society, Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, and others, are expecting that donors will support their causes and they are very willing to provide appropriate documentation for tax deductible contributions.

The Pitt Community College Foundation receives gifts of cash, credit card payments, stocks, equipment, and specialized in-kind gifts that support student scholarships and educational activities. Annual fund gifts, planned gifts, and year-end contributions provide much needed support for the college. Year end contributions can be conveniently be made online at www.pittccfoundation.com at any time.

“We want to be sure that people know that we appreciate each gift and that we will be good stewards of their contributions in support of our college’s mission and our students’ success,” said Susan Nobles, Executive Director of the Pitt CC Foundation. “During the past year, we have awarded over $275.000 in student scholarships, as well as $279,840 for educational programs, and $147,633 to support educational activities at Pitt Community College. This was possible because of the generous support of our donors.”

The following are comments from donors who support the Pitt Community College Foundation:

“Everyone should have an opportunity to get a good college education. Pitt Community College provides technical programs and college transfer programs to help local students get a good start on their college degrees and careers,” said Diane Waters, former Chairman of the Pitt CC Foundation.

“I encourage anyone who wants to make a year-end gift to truly make a difference in students’ lives, to make a contribution to the Pitt Community College Foundation!”

“Your contribution is an investment in the future of our community,” said Miles Minges, Chairman of the PittCC Foundation.

“Pitt Community College prepares students to go into the workplace and to begin careers. As an employer, we are seeking applicants who are work ready,” said Joel Butler, former administrative leader of Vidant Health.

“Pitt Community College is so important for people looking for an affordable education,” said Vera Braswell, PittCC Foundation Board member.

“Education makes dreams come true. Join us by making a contribution to the Pitt Community College Foundation,” said Walter and Marie Williams.

“This year, during our Accelerating the Future Campaign, donors can support the foundation’s plans to build a new center for student advancement which includes a Veterans Center, Women’s Center, Men’s Center, a Center for the VISIONS Program, and large classroom and meeting spaces. Donors can also choose to support our expansion of scholarship awards or make a contribution to our VISIONS Program match grant. We appreciate every donor and every dollar supporting our students’ success,” Nobles added.

Year-end gifts can be made to the Pitt Community College Foundation by clicking on the donate button on the foundation’s website www.pittccfoundation.com or by mailing a check to the Pitt Community College Foundation, P.O. Drawer 7007, Greenville NC 27835, or calling 252-493-7210. All year-end contributions made by December 31, 2016 will receive thank you acknowledgements and tax receipt documentation in January 2017.