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My name is Emily, and I’m currently a Super-Senior at Craven Early College. I’ll be graduating this May with my high school diploma from CEC, as well as three Associate degrees from Craven Community College, in Science, Arts, and General Education. My mom works at Craven as the administrative manager for the Workforce Development department, and my dad owns Chance & Associates, Inc., a professional land surveying business. I live with them as well as my twin sister, Katie, who has multiple disabilities, and our Cavalier Spaniels, Lilly and Prezlee. Katie and I were born three months premature, so we’re both lucky to be alive and are doing well in spite of our rough start. Helping Katie throughout my daily life has taught me to be compassionate and to see the potential in everyone. Being able to see her succeed despite the obstacles she faces has inspired me immensely! I will attend NC State University in the fall and graduate in 2020 with my Bachelor in chemistry. From there, I want to enlist as an officer in the military (most likely the Air Force) and become a pilot or forensic chemist. I really enjoy flying and I have piloted for 12.5 hours so far, that will go towards my private pilot’s certification which requires 40 hours. I actually knew how to fly a plane before I learned to drive a car! Since flying and science are passions of mine, I think both positions will lead to a fulfilling military career.

SCHOOL: Craven Early College
NAME: Emily Chance
AGE: 18
PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR: Attend NC State pursuing a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Forensic Science, hopefully begin ROTC
WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING TASK AS A SENIOR: Finding and applying for all the scholarships I can find!
WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR UNDERCLASSMEN: I know it’s cheesy - and difficult at times, but try your best to enjoy your years in high school. They went by a lot faster than I expected. Take advantage of this time to figure out who you are - the labels won’t stick now, but they will later in life. Don’t worry about a job, or getting the best grades, or finding a significant other. Find out who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for and stand against, who’s really there for you. Take time for your mental health. Challenge yourself, but know it’s okay to take a step back, too. Try not to stress too much; things will fall into place eventually and it will all work out, even if it doesn’t look like anything is going well right now. You will make it through. I promise.
WHAT HAS BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR: Being invited to attend the American Chemical Society International meeting in San Francisco and having the opportunity to present some of my research on creating training samples for arson investigation canines.
WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Serving in the military as either a pilot or forensic chemist, in an officer position since I will have a four-year degree. Hopefully with a significant romantic relationship, if I’m not already married by then.
WHO IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY: I think the most influential person in my life has been my mom. It’s kind of cliche, but it’s true. She’s always been there for my twin sister and I, and has set a very high standard of care, compassion, and determination for us.
I AM MOST UNIQUE BECAUSE: I think I’m most unique because I do everything I can to help others. For instance, I use my academic talent to tutor others, and I plan to serve in the military as my career. I always do my best to show compassion and understanding to everyone I meet.
WHAT IS THE ONE QUOTE YOU LIVE BY: “Everything will be all right in the end - if things aren’t right, it’s not the end.”
1. Keeping in touch with my family
2. Making new connections and friends, networking
3. Having time for myself, to relax, read, and hang out
4. Saving money to support my college and career goals
5. Using my time and skills to help others succeed
IF YOU COULD MOVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE AND WHY: I really love to sing! I’ve sung in my church choir for over 5 years.
WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOUR CLASSMATES STILL DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU AFTER ALL THIS TIME: I really love to sing! I’ve sung in my church choir for over 5 years.
WHICH YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL WAS YOUR FAVORITE: My junior year - I took a class called Chemical Investigations, which blended chemistry and forensic science together. It really sparked my passion for both subject areas!

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