Airbnb host opens doors at no cost for evacuees trying to escape hurricane

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AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- With a scroll and a click on Airbnb, Curtis and Sharon Kremer are out of harm's way.

"We decided to go ahead and heed the governor's advice and evacuate the area so we came to Aiken."

They're coming from Myrtle Beach. They packed suitcases and brought a crate full of canned food and water with no idea where they'd stay. That's where Anna Seigler came in.

"It's always exciting to help someone," Seigler said.

She's an Airbnb host opening her home to evacuees free of charge. Seigler says it's here way of giving back.

Anna Seigler is among more than 400 other Airbnbs to open their home to evacuees.

"It was a huge relief to find out it was legitimate and she was for real and she really was opening her home to us for this so it was incredible really," the Kremer's said.

Curtis and Sharon say they can't thank Anna enough.

"We didn't actually have a place to stay and Anna was gracious enough to open her home and let us stay here," they said.

The Kremers are nervous they'll go home to nothing, but for now, they have everything.

"This is living in the life of comfort. She cooks for us, she takes care of our needs she offered us her entire house, so hospitable," the Kremers said.

It's not just Aiken that you can find these free Airbnb's. It's Augusta, Evans, Charlotte, Virginia, the list goes on and on.

Airbnb for Hurricane Florence evacuees

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