WINNER: Quadeshia Batts

Name: Quadeshia Batts
Major: Psychology Major at Winston-Salem State University
Why They Should Be a Contestant: The Bob 93.3 Tuition Mission scholarship contest will provide me with the opportunity to have fun, and be myself while competing for the grand prize of $5,000 and $1,000 towards books. Most importantly, it will alleviate the stress of having to accept college loans. This opportunity will have a tremendous positive effect on the progression of my collegiate experience. I should also be a contestant of this mission because I am a leader at my institution as well as my community. I am the Vice president of the Psychology Internal Honors Society as well as Alpha Nu Omega Sorority Inc. I am also a Student Research Investigator as well as a student mentor. When I am not focused on academics and serving my campus community I enjoy serving the community. I have had the pleasure to tutor elementary students. I am also the coordinator of a community event I will be hosting this summer. During my free time, I love to hang out with family and friends, dance, and go swimming. With this, I would be a great candidate for Bob 93.3 Tuition Mission because I am an enthusiastic hardworking scholar that can guarantee the funds provided will be beneficial to the success of my collegiate endeavors as I prepare to sew back into the lives of my community.

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