ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - No matter where you are, eggs are a hot topic, and their prices are boiling.

Restaurants in the East are feeling the burn from purchasing eggs for their restaurants.

Lily Cantrell from the Kettle Diner in Jacksonville said their customers are being impacted. “They’ve noticed of course that the prices have went up, but they said that our food is a good quality, and we have good service, good cooks so we’ve never had complaints of saying I’m not doing this because of the price.”

Thankfully the Kettle Diner has some regulars that say it’s worth it to still come even with a small price increase.

Grant McMullen, a regular at the Kettle Diner said, “I’ve been coming here for so long the price really has gone up a little, it’s stable, it’s comfortable.”

The owner of Helen’s Kitchen in Jacksonville told us they are about to change the menu pricing on some items and are worried they may lose some clientele.

The owner of Helen’s Kitchen, Billy Grissett said, “You’re stuck either way. If you raise the prices, you’re going to make the customers unsatisfied. If you don’t go up, we can’t keep taking a loss. So it’s to the point where I don’t know what to do.”

Grissett says he typically pays around $30.00 for a case of eggs. That price has now jumped to $180.00.

Both restaurants are feeling the stress of passing unwanted costs on to their customers, but without it, they say they could go out of business.

At this point they’re hoping to keep their doors open and their customers happy.