Jacyn Abbott

Greenville, NC
Jacyn Abbott

Her name is pronounced, "Jason." Yes, like the boy! She's named after her father Jason Abbott. Jacyn's Mom loved her Dad so much that she needed two of them in her life.

Her news career with WITN started in September of 2022, and she is so excited to be working for the people of eastern North Carolina.

Jacyn grew up in Tennessee but lived outside Raleigh, North Carolina for a short period of her life. Part of her family still resides in the suburbs of Raleigh, so you might see her with them at the East Carolina University Football games.

After graduating high school in 2018, she moved further south and attended The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. There, she pursued a bachelor's degree in News Media.

Jacyn loves going on adventures, food sports, traveling, and everything else that comes with life. If you see her on the go, she probably has a fun purse attached to her hip and a coffee in hand.