Several Lenoir County schools recognized by Apple for technology innovation

Several Lenoir County schools recognized by Apple for technology innovation
Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 5:58 PM EST
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LENIOR COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Some Lenoir County Schools are being recognized for the innovative way they teach.

12 of the 17 public schools in Lenoir County were recognized as Apple-Distinguished Monday morning.

Banks, Moss Hill, Northeast, Northwest, Pink Hill and Southeast Elementary Schools, Contentnea-Savannah k-8 school, Frink and Woodington middle schools and Kinston, North Lenoir and Early College High were recognized for their technology innovation.

“It’s honestly surprising that a small county like this is getting distinguished like that. Honestly, when they told me, I was like, really? Us?” said a Lenoir County Early College Sophomore Alicia González-Gutierrez.

During the ceremony, students spoke about how they’ve used technology to go above and beyond.

“We started a podcast at our school. We have a student show that’s run by students, and then we have the one with our actual teachers,” said González-Gutierrez.

But their creations didn’t happen overnight.

“We took two full years just study digital learning and a plan, and that was about 12 years ago, so almost ten years ago, we started down this road,” said Lenior County Public Schools Superintendent Brent Williams.

Nearly a decade ago, Lenoir County Public Schools introduced a Digital Learning Specialist in every school.

“Our teachers are using the digital tools to support instruction in the classrooms every day, and it’s not a device used in isolation, but it’s used to support already great teaching and learning opportunities,” said Williams.

With the hope of not only engaging and exciting students but also allowing teachers to get creative.

“Let’s say second graders learning about the planets and space rather than just looking at that in a book or on a worksheet; they’re able to put themselves in space through a green screen technology,” said Digital Learning Coordinator Melissa Lynch.

State Senator Jim Perry attended the celebration this morning and said you could tell the students were excited about learning.

“You saw the interest in their eyes when they were explaining what they did and how they were involved, and I think it’s key for the kids to be engaged,” said Senator Perry.

Apple recognized schools worldwide, with over 800 schools getting recognized this year in 37 countries.

Last year, only three schools in North Carolina were recognized as Apple distinguished schools, moving up to 12 this year in Lenoir County alone.