Man gives an abandoned truck a new life as a tiny home

Man gives an abandoned truck a new life as a tiny home
Published: Sep. 27, 2023 at 9:21 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Living in the back of a truck built with only reused items may sound peculiar, but one man is showing that this is all manageable here in the East, while also spreading his positive message.

The tiny home was made from a 98-square-foot U-haul truck taken off rental duty, where all items inside are reused and upcycled.

That is how reuse expert Alex Eaves has been living for the past three and a half years and traveling to over 25 states.

The side of the truck is also being used as a mobile theater for the screening of the “Box Truck Film”, a movie by the duo that built the tiny home.

Coming from a background of a rock band merchandiser, Eaves says he is used to living in tiny spaces from traveling in tour buses.

All items in this house were once abandoned or deemed useless. Now they have a new purpose.

“If there is ever a need to get anything, consider a used option, because you are going to save money, you are going to save the planet a little bit, and almost anything you want is already out there,” Eaves said

The whole house cost under $9,000 to come together.

Eaves shared that his goal is to inspire more people with reuse ideas, and the tour of his tiny home did just that.

ECU student Anya Duffy told WITN, “I honestly have the utmost respect for it. I mean that is a very challenging lifestyle to live. A very impressive one. There has to be a lot of introspection involved. I mean, he’s reflecting on every aspect of how he lives, what he uses in his day to day. I aspire to be able to think that constructively.”

Eaves says sometimes recycling is not enough to save the planet, since recycling still uses resources, energy, and money to reformat waste.

Reusing would be the best way to make our planet healthy, and the movie “Box Truck Film” will show how.

If you decide to try any of the reuse ideas from Eaves, you can share them with the community with #boxtruckfilms.