Schools have to follow new laws with student pronouns

North Carolina schools figure out ways to approach new laws with LGBTQ+ students' rights
North Carolina schools figure out ways to approach new laws with LGBTQ+ students' rights(N/A)
Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 7:42 PM EDT
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The parents bill of rights gives parents the right to review and oppose classroom curriculum and materials.

North Carolina general assembly overrode Governor Cooper’s veto last Wednesday on senate bill 49, which is a bill regarding LGBTQ+ students’ rights.

Now the new portion of the law inserts teachers in a conversation between LGBTQ+ students and their families.

Despite the new law, teachers say that they will stick to the same morals and practices as an educator.

Lauren Piner, a Pitt County social studies teacher said, “...making sure that it is welcoming, it’s inclusive, and that all students and families feel welcome in our buildings. teachers are going to continue to do what we’ve always done, regardless of background, regardless of ability, and none of this legislation will change that.”

Some teachers are questioning how effective this new law is going to be.

Mario Blanchard, the president of Pitt County association of educators told WITN, “it might make teachers a little bit on edge and maybe they would feel a little pressured to contact parents, maybe unnecessarily and i think that might put some students in some unrest and maybe create a more uncomfortable dynamic. these students already feel isolated as it is.”

In a statement to WITN, North Carolina Association of Educators’ president Tamika Kelly said, quote, as educators who are entrusted by parents with the responsibility to teach age-appropriate lessons and prepare their children for the future, we are very disappointed by the new laws, and worried for our students especially those who are LGBTQ+. The vast majority of North Carolina parents trust educators’ judgment in the classroom and we are committed to working with parents and community members of all backgrounds to ensure every single student gets a great education.”

Groups that support the legislation, like NC values coalition, say it’s all about more transparency in schools and ensuring that schools are not usurping the rights of parents when it comes to their education.