Community takes pride in softball little league world series

Community takes pride in softball little league world series
Published: Aug. 13, 2023 at 7:21 PM EDT
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Softball little league making it to the national championship has Greenville buzzing with excitement, and not even the extreme heat today stopped the community from showing their pride and spirit.

Elm street park drew in a big, lively crowd despite the blazing sun with the feels like triple-digit temperature.

Community members were filled with pride in the Pitt County girls representing the Southeast region making it to the world series championship.

This history-making moment hits a little harder for community members like Lori Garrish, who has a special relationship with Pitt County softball.

“Well, I guess softball is in my blood, my mom played until she was 40, and I was always at the ballpark, and I started playing ball when I was 12 and it’s about the age of these girls, 10 to 12, and it’s wonderful that they have this opportunity in this venue to be able to play,” Garrish said.

The impact of Pitt County making it to the world series championship for the first time is powerful.

Garrish also shared, “It’s just a great experience with these girls, no matter whether they win or lose, they played their heart out and this is something that they will always remember.”

Pride and joy for the Pitt County girls are not only felt by the community members, but also by businesses in the area.

The successful journey has brought in a massive influx of customers.

One business selling shaved ice saw their products selling out three to five times faster than their usual day all thanks the little league softball games.

A business employee Braxton Sawyer said, “I would just love to say how proud I am of all of them and just, you know, pat them on the back and just let them know how big of a deal this is.”

Today marks the end of the little league softball world series after a week.

Softball little league’s progress resonates with the community, regardless of the results.