People in Greenville find ways to beat the heat ahead of steamy Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday, expected to be hottest ENC weather in weeks
Published: Jul. 26, 2023 at 11:40 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -When the Beatles wrote “Here Comes the Sun” back in 1969, they probably didn’t mean those lyrics literally or maybe, they saw into the future and knew something about the upcoming heat index increase that we didn’t.

Either way, people in Greenville aren’t taking any chances of getting toasted Friday and Saturday as temperatures are expected to skyrocket.

Experts predict the weather heading into this weekend will be some of the hottest ENC has seen in weeks.

In order to combat the heat, people believe it’s best to do outdoor activities during the early morning or late evening.

The Town Common is a great place for exercise, picnics, or taking your kids to the park but staying hydrated is important while doing so, especially in the coming days.

Most despise the heat, but there are outliers like Kanaaz Abdul-Haadi.

“Man, the sun feels good to me because there’s something about it that makes me feel more empowered,” Abdul-Haadi said.

Not everyone has access to air conditioning, but Haadi says there are local buildings that will allow those without to cool off.

“There are places like ECU Student Center that have great air conditioning,” Abdul-Haadi said. “I like to relax under the trees sometimes and sit on the grass. When you do that, you actually feel the wind.”

Beating the heat is the motto, no matter who you are.