Students in the East learn how to use AI by creating short video

Artificial intelligence, or A.I. in short, is expected to be a major tool of the future.
Published: Jul. 25, 2023 at 6:23 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Artificial intelligence, or A.I. in short, is expected to be a major tool of the future.

On Tuesday, students in Eastern North Carolina were able to learn all about the technology by creating their own short videos with any prompts they chose.

“It’s interesting to learn about A.I. and all of the usage that you could use it for,” said attendee James Berry.

The camp is hosted by the Greenville non-profit Building Hope and is offered for sixth through eleventh graders with the mission of helping them express their creativity.

“Today we’re really trying to work with the kids using A.I. tools to help us explore a new way they can sort of come outside the comfort zone to create things that are not only fun and entertaining but also bring value to other people,” said Levi Casto, Building Hope’s Bridges support.

Students demonstrated just that by going through all of the steps of creating a video, including coming up with a prompt, writing a short script, acting it out, and adding music to it.

“Throughout childhood, there’s a lot of times we have ideas in our brain, but we don’t know how to get those ideas into intangible products, and I think that a.i. can be to bridge that gap to allow us to create what’s already up in our minds,” said Casto.

Even for students who didn’t know about the features of A.I. before the lesson, say they are now interested in learning more.

“It was fun I mean, I’ve never got to do that; I experienced that,” said attendee Ariana Harper.

On Wednesday there also be awards given out to the students who created some of the best videos.

The students will also be using different media elements for their videos, including a green screen.