Municipal candidate elections begin across Eastern Carolina

Municipal candidate filing starts today across Eastern Carolina with places like Greenville, Jacksonville and Beaufort county all taking part.
Published: Jul. 7, 2023 at 8:57 PM EDT
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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Municipal candidate filing starts today across Eastern Carolina with places like Greenville, Jacksonville, and Beaufort County all taking part.

“I’m filing to run, it’s my first-time filing to be a candidate and I’m really excited,” says first-time filling candidate, Scott Fields.

Municipal election filing is underway and for Fields, the process has been pretty easy. “As I’ve never filed before, so far it’s been smooth.”

Despite the changes to this year’s election process.

“Technology differences as far as trying to get information out to the public as far as candidate information on our web page where you can see photos of the candidates and their contact information so if you have questions about what their platform is, you can ask them yourself,” says Pitt County Board of Elections Director, Dave Davis.

Davis also says it’s important for voters to keep new changes in mind.

“A lot of folks have their driver’s license so that will work. If they don’t have a driver’s license or any other form of ID, the DMV does offer free ID, it’s a non-drivers ID. They do need to say though that when they go to get that license from the DMV that it’s for voting purposes, otherwise they might get charged that fee for non-operators ID.”

Though some areas of North Carolina are experiencing threats from voters due to concerns about election security, Pitt County has been in the clear Davis told WITN. “Everybody’s pretty laid back and I think it’s just the way Pitt County is with the transient community, the hospital, the university, people are coming and going, and everybody here seems to be more relaxed.”

This helps both the Board of Elections and candidates focus on their jobs and their communities.

“Been in Farmville for the past 11 years. I love the town; I grew up in a small town up North and this is getting back to my roots,” Fields said.

“We’re excited about the growth, we’re excited about the citizens of Farmville, and we have a goal in Farmville and that goal is one Farmville,” said Farmville Mayor, John Moore.

Municipal candidate filing will last for two weeks, ending on July 21st at noon.

Some positions in this upcoming election include mayors for Washington, Greenville, Ayden, and Jacksonville. City council positions in Greenville and Jacksonville and various commissioner positions are also up for election.