The A&E’s “60 days in” shows viewers life in Pitt County jail

Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance
Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance(A&E)
Updated: Jun. 9, 2023 at 4:35 AM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - A TV network is shining a spotlight on a jail here in the east.

The A&E’s “60 days in” series took a deep dive into the Pitt County jail, sending seven people in to see if they could last for 60 days...

Jacyn Abbott sat down with Sheriff Paula Dance, as she shares the reason why she agreed to let the cameras in.

“I’m a cop!” said Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance.

Dance says she’s never been one for reality tv.

“I don’t like kissy cop shows,” said Dance.

However, her youngest son got her to give the A&E show “60 days in” a chance, and just two months later, producers from the show reached out.

“I’m like what are the odds,” said Dance. “because I had never heard of it.”

After deliberating her reservations, she says the pros outweighed the cons to allow the Pitt County Jail be in the spotlight for season eight of the program.

“The only way I would be able to really truly get the information I needed was from an inmate and most real inmates don’t snitch,” said Dance.

The filming of season eight started in September of 2022 and wrapped up in May.

“I’m absolutely okay with what we’ve done and I think the citizens of Pitt County will be proud of the Pitt County Detention Center and what we are doing,” said Dance.

So what does it take to survive behind bars?

“you got to be a little bit tough to be in here.. a little bit ya know.. to fit in but once you’re in, everybody, they all treat you with respect,” said Detention Officer Deberoh Lee. “The inmates are friends with each other and they watch out for each other.”

She says she had her suspicions, but it was a great experience in the end.

“It’s not all fun and games, that’s for sure!” said Lee “I mean, you are coming in and you are going to get your time served.”

Sheriff Dance says this is about transparency to the public, encouraging citizens to stay out of jail, and uncovering what improvements can be made in Pitt County and she would budge on spoilers

“So welcome to Pitt County Thursday nights,” said Dance.

There’s a two-hour preshow that aired Thursday night at 9 p.m. The network says it is the first inside look before a season drop.

The show’s first episode debuts tonight and the series starts next Thursday, June 15.