New Grifton town manager responds to accusations

Grifton Town Manager Oryan Lowry
Grifton Town Manager Oryan Lowry(WITN)
Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 9:19 PM EDT
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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - A newly-appointed public official accused of misappropriating funds at his former job is responding to criticism.

Oryan Lowry says he is aware of the rumors about him, but he says none of them are true.

“That’s, yeah that’s, totally blown out of could I respond when it’s not even true...I mean how would you respond to a question like that...if that’s not what happened,” says Lowry.

That is what new town manager Oryan Lowry is saying about accusations from his past.

Town leaders appointed him last week, since then, some people living in the Grifton have voiced concerns about reports he misused the town of Pembroke’s credit card when he worked for them back in 2013.

“We were going to Seattle, Washington, and I didn’t have any tank tops or t-shirts to wear up under my clothes for warmth...I actually just...because I didn’t have a new pack” says Lowry.

But he calls that an “accident” and says he paid the town back.

Lowry says he wants people living in Grifton to know he isn’t trying to make excuses.

“Over the course of my professional career, I have made mistakes, I’m the first to admit, I make mistakes I’m not perfect, I’ve learned from them, and I’ve moved on,” says Lowry.

Lowry says people in Grifton to trust that they are in good hands.

“If any resident would like to come by, I have an open-door policy,” said Lowry. “Come by any time and meet with me and you will understand that it was a simple mistake, and it was never anything to the point of misappropriation.”

Lowry also explained that his hiring was a closed-door session because all personnel matters are closed-door sessions in Grifton.

Lowry takes over the role from interim Town Manager Mark Warren, who is retiring.

His contract will be up for renewal again this time next year.