ENC congressmen weigh in on debt ceiling standoff

ENC congressmen weigh in on debt ceiling standoff
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 6:45 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - As we inch closer to the U.S. debt ceiling deadline, two congressmen are warning Veterans and constituents that their federal benefits could be impacted.

Congressman Don Davis met with a group of Veterans at his office in Greenville Friday morning and dozens were in attendance to voice their concern. Davis says they could lose up to $600.00 in federal benefits.

That possibility is concerning for Army Veteran Jessie Whitaker. “If you cut my check by $600.00, I have bad credit already,” Whitaker said. “I won’t have no credit if you take $600.00.”

According to Davis, money out of Veterans’ wallets won’t be the only thing that could happen.

“We’re at risk of job losses, a recession, benefits being lost,” Davis said.

The First District Democrat says a divided Congress is to blame if a deal on the debt ceiling isn’t made.

Republican Congressman Greg Murphy says that’s not so. “It is very unfortunate that some of my Democratic colleagues are being disingenuous about Republicans trying to be responsible about dealing with our country’s massive debt. We asked the president to negotiate over 100 days ago and he went traveling to Delaware instead. We are trying to secure this nation’s financial future. We will always honor our responsibility to Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran’s benefits.”

Davis was accompanied by Congressman Joe Neguse at the forum and promised the Veterans and constituents that he’s on standby to head back to Capitol Hill to get a deal done.