Business owner shares road to substance recovery

Masonry takes a lot of time and commitment, and so does getting clean from drug addiction.
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 8:15 PM EDT
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CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Masonry takes a lot of time and commitment, and so does getting clean from drug addiction.

Victor Pavia III owner of Vic’s Bricks suffered for years from substance abuse before making the decision to change his life for the better. He credits his recovery to a number of different resources and people, including a Moral Reconation Therapy or MRT treatment program.

This along with several other programs will now be readily available now for inmates being treated at Craven County correctional facility as part of federal and state grant funding issues to county correctional facilities to expand resources available to help fight against the opioid epidemic.

And law enforcement feels more resources on-site, will make a world of difference.

“And it’s just fascinating to hear Victor talk about the path that he took and he’s one of those persons who made it in historically when someone came into jail any jail they were just held there until their case was resolved till they went to trial that could be six months that could be a couple of years,” said Maj. David McFadyen.

Pavia’s powerful message for others suffering from addiction is to never lose hope.

“I want to give back what I was given you know it can be done it can totally be done it’s just that leap of faith once you take that leap of faith and you get that mustard seed a whole life can be drastically changed I’m I’m a business owner,” said Pavia.

In addition to treatment resources the sheriff’s office says it has also hired a jail navigator who can better assess inmates needs who suffer from substance abuse and addiction and determine what treatment resources are best catered to them.