DROUGHT UPDATE: ENC continues to thirst for rain

Now have increasing areas of Moderate Dry Conditions
Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 2:54 PM EDT
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Eastern North Carolina continues to see drought conditions on the rise and this is according to the latest Drought Monitor Report by the National Integrated Drought Information System.

The latest report states that 40% of the Tarheel State is currently considered “Abnormally Dry” or D0. While another 2.4% is listed as “Moderate Drought” or D1, particularly parts of Onslow county and counties surrounding the Albemarle Sound.

There are five different drought categories that an area can fall into. While “Abnormally Dry” is the lowest level of drought, dry conditions can result in dry pastures, mild crop stress, and increased irrigation. As for “Moderate Drought,” there’s also an increased risk for wildfires, lake and reservoirs have lower levels, and further crop stress.

ENC has seen rain over the past few weeks, but most rounds just haven’t delivered beneficial rain. According to the New Bern climate site, rainfall is around an 1.81″ below average for March and 2.27″ for the year.

The next drought report will be released on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Here’s how the drought conditions have changed since the late report: CLICK HERE!