Parents in Beaufort County speak out against controversial social studies curriculum

Published: Feb. 21, 2023 at 11:40 PM EST
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -It was a packed school board meeting as frustration, disbelief, and serious concern could be heard Tuesday night by people in Beaufort County.

The school board met to consider a social studies curriculum that some say pushes for culturally responsive learning, which they believe is the new name for critical race theory.

Residents say the course studies will promote socialism, division, and revisionist history, leaving parents like David Hudson very worried.

“I think it does create a level of confusion for children,” Hudson said. “Their minds, especially at the younger ages aren’t equipped to handle a lot of those topics even adults have issues wrapping their head around.”

Those opposed say the board had to choose between four different curriculums and decided to go with a learning company called Savvas.

Some say the book covers topics like LGBTQ history, a big reason why many are against it.

However, some educators believe it’s needed in classroom.

“Beaufort County School’s social studies curriculum is almost not existent,” said Nick Blount, Beaufort County School teacher. “This is the best option that we have to make sure our students get what they need in all their core content classes.”

People believe the board has been discussing the new curriculum for almost two months now, but many say they’ve never heard from anyone. Which is why Vice Chairman Terry Williams finally spoke.

“Maybe I need to tell you right now,” said Williams. “I never have supported this curriculum and I won’t be supporting this curriculum, but nobody decided to call me and ask me.”

The controversy surrounding the curriculum has been ongoing, but Hudson believes it should be about the three r’s: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

“They can fight their own social battles once they’re adults and have the ability to learn and make their own opinions about those.”

The board didn’t vote on the curriculum Tuesday night because it said it wanted to hear from the people first. The board says it will vote at a later date.