Occupational therapy is helping one kid here in the East as she prepares for school

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 7:21 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Occupational therapy can assist anyone who may have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems according to kidshealth.org. But one particular place in Greenville focuses on pediatric care.

Occupational therapy is different for each child but it has one thing in common, movement.

“It’s really hard for children to sit in one spot so I try to make to incorporate play. So, they can reach their goals and so it doesn’t seem like they’re working really hard to obtain their goals. It’s really tricky, every child is different, so you have to build a rapport with them and see what they’re motivated by,” said Occupational Therapy Assistant, Akemi Cochran.

Once a child is referred to occupational therapy by their physician, they are then examined to determine their challenge areas. For one particular five-year-old, the therapist says they focus on getting her ready for the school adjustment.

“She will be going to school pretty soon so right now we’re working on transitioning from one activity to another and the frustration tolerance that type of stuff,” said Cochran.

According to her dad, Daniel Broadus, she loves therapy and they have seen great strides in her behavior.

“She’s spending more time like consciously thinking about decisions, one of the big reasons we had a lot of safety concerns she would kinda of, when we were outside and we’d be playing she would run off in a direction which is not very safe, since we’ve been here there’s been big improvements on that,” said Broadus.

While there is no set date yet for her to “graduate” therapy, once she does there will be another evaluation to make sure there are no more challenge areas. A development milestones chart can be found on the CDC’s website and if they haven’t hit some important ones, this could be a sign your child may need occupational therapy.