Two sisters, one from England, other from ENC, reunite nearly 60 years after separation at birth

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 6:19 PM EST
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CHOCOWINITY, N.C. (WITN) - Two sisters, one from England and the other from Eastern Carolina, finally reunited face to face more than 60 years after being separated at birth.

The reunion took place at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Tuesday night.

Amanda Brooks flew in from England to meet her long-lost sister, Lisa Strang, who lives in Chocowinity.

Each of them dreamed of what the other would look like and they were surprised by what they saw in person.

“I was just surprised we were the same height, something stupid like that and I was just like ‘oh my gosh you are the same height as me,’” Brooks said.

Strang says she knew she was adopted from day one and that her mother who raised her adopted her from England.

“When they got me, they didn’t tell anyone in the family, they just said told them to meet us at Logan Airport we have a special package and it was me,” Strang said.

During adulthood, Strang embarked on a 45-year journey to find her sister Amanda Brooks.

She first retrieved family records but didn’t get too far. So the next step she took was a DNA test.

She ended up getting in contact with a cousin who was a slight match with her and volunteered to help. And in December of 2019, Strang’s cousin connected her with Amanda Brook’s son.

“There was one particular morning, I was driving to work and my eldest daughter and my youngest son are sending me loads of texts: ‘mum mum mum please contact us, there’s a lady looking for you and she wants to talk to you,’” Brooks recalled.

That talk led to several Facetime calls over the past 4 years and eventually a face-to-face reunion to catch up on lost time.

With one day until Thanksgiving, they’ve introduced each other to their respective husbands, shared numerous stories, as well as a few recipes.

But one of the wildest similarities they have in common is the fact that both of them coincidentally have grandsons named Harrison, born just a few years apart.

“Our kids never knew about each other’s names and stuff but yet both our grandsons are called Harrison,” Brooks said.

And no matter how much time has passed or how much distance separated the two, nothing can beat the bond of two sisters.

“As humans, the best thing we can give anybody is love and this whole room right now is filled with it,” Strang said.

On Thursday, the sisters celebrate their first Thanksgiving dinner together, and on Friday they’re going to watch the World Cup game between USA and England. They both think England is going to win.

Strang also says she plans to visit England next to meet Amanda’s family once she saves up enough money.