‘A fantastic human being:’ CMS, out-of-state teammates and coaches remember student killed in U.Va shooting

He graduated from William Amos Hough High School in Cornelius.
One of the victims in the shooting was identified as Devin Chandler. He was from Huntersville and was a graduate from William Amos Hough High School.
Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 11:33 AM EST
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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - One of the students killed in a shooting at the University of Virginia Sunday night was from Huntersville, according to Virginia Sports.

Devin Chandler graduated from William Amos Hough High School in Cornelius, according to the website.

During his time at Hough, he was a three-star recruit. His coach Matthew Jenkins says he was a true team player and an amazing person all around.

“From the first time you meet him, the smile that he has, he cared about people,” Jenkins said.

Hough High School quarterback Tad Hudson remembers meeting Chandler his freshman year. He says he was a joy to be around both on and off the field.

Devin Chandler, a football player at UVA and a Hough High graduate, was shot and killed Sunday night.

“He always put a smile on everybody’s face, always dancing in the locker room, a great guy, he made everyone feel like family,” Hudson said.

He previously attended Arlington High School in Tennessee where he was the wide receiver and defensive back before transferring to Hough his senior year.

Clevon Harmon played with Chandler during their freshman year at Arlington and says from the moment Chandler stepped foot on the field he dominated the game but was humble and caring.

“He was just a loving person who just brought people together. I guess he was given to us by God just to do God’s work and bring people together and have a great time,” Harmon said.

Harmon says he and Chandler both lost their fathers and he was there for Chandler after his dad passed away. He says he was talented and smart, and always brought people together.

Harmon’s mother LaShundia Brooks says Chandler was part of their family and they would have him over for dinner. She reminisced on his bright personality and says he was respectful, mannerable, and a gentleman.

“He was just a loving kid, well respected, and didn’t cause any trouble at school. He was a beautiful, beautiful human being, Brooks said.

Jenkins says Chandler never backed down from a challenge and was always positive even toward their opponents.

“He had an Infectious personality and an unbelievable smile,” Jenkins said. “Every day he brought an energy and exuberance about him to practice and to school and everything that he did.”

WBTV talked to Jack Hamilton, one of Devin’s professors at UVA. Hamilton helped him declare his major.

“He’s just got this huge smile and that’s really how I remember him being all the time, just really, really positive…. Always seemed really happy,” said Hamilton.

(From left) Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D'Sean Perry
(From left) Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D'Sean Perry(University of Virginia)

Blue Monroe was a freshmen on the team with Devin Chandler at Hough High School. Monroe, a current football player at Western Carolina says Chandler was full of energy and always strived to put a smile on everyone’s face.

“If the room was down, if there were no smiles in the room, he knew how to put a smile on everybody’s face,” said Monroe.

The former teammate tells WBTV the shooting at UVA will have a major impact on the football community and people close to Devin Chandler.

“UVA and us back home are experiencing a tremendous loss of Devin, it’s going to be a tough road, but I know Devin is in a better place now,” said Monroe.

The former teammate shared this massage to the family: “Us as a football community, us as friends, we’re all here for you, we’ve got to lean on each other through these times like this, and Devin was a great man, a man of character, a man of integrity, and we all loved Devin and we all will be here for each other,” said Monroe.

The Hough High School is planning to add a tribute decal to their helmets for this Friday’s away game against East Forsyth.

Additional memorial plans have not been shared yet.

“He drew young people toward him,” Jenkins said. “He was going to be a leader in whatever he chose to do and whatever field he wanted to work in, and unfortunately the world lost a good one.”

A press conference held Monday stated Chandler was one of the people killed in the shooting while Virginia Sports confirmed his hometown.

Chandler was a junior at the university and played wide receiver for the football team.

The shooting happened on a school bus with students on their way back from an off-campus trip.

A statement from Virginia head coach Tony Elliott was posted on the school’s football account on Monday afternoon.

Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., also a student, was arrested Monday. Three people were killed and two others were injured.

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