‘Medical miracle’ shares special surprise for teachers

‘Medical miracle’ shares special surprise for teachers
Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 5:35 PM EDT
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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - The past year has been a rollercoaster for the Lyles family who’s son, EJ, has overcome medical odds time and time again.

Friday, the little boy who doctors didn’t think would be here shared a special surprise with his school.

Recovering from a car accident, COVID and MRSA infections, and organ failure, EJ has the scars to prove that he is a superhero.

“To see it end in this way really is a miracle, and it really is what life is about,” shared his principal at Sugg Bundy Elementary School in Pitt county. “How you take a tragedy and something terrible and how you turn it around into something positive.”

EJ fights for his life at Duke Medical Center.
EJ fights for his life at Duke Medical Center. (Family photo)

With dozens of surgeries, a heart valve replacement, and endless hours of physical therapy, he’s had to rely on his teachers to keep him on track.

“This itself is a miracle,” said EJ’s mom, Sofia. “He is a miracle and the things we can get done together will be miracles.”

After graduating kindergarten via a robot and coming to school in person for the first time this year, EJ is taking care of those who cared for him the most.

Students and teachers show their support for EJ with this painted rock at this school.
Students and teachers show their support for EJ with this painted rock at this school.(Maddie Kerth)

“He thought it was the coolest thing that they painted the rock,” said Sophia Lyles, “and he really enjoys school. His favorite is recess, but he really does enjoy school.”

EJ organized a massive school supplies drive and sealed the deal with pizza for lunch.

“I would tell them thank you, and I would raise my hand to say that,” said the 6-year-old.

For mom, the anniversaries of her family’s darkest days hit hard. Now, she hopes to take this project to the next level.

“We have a lot of the same books for all of the kindergarteners,” explained EJ.

Sophia further explained that 150 copies of a book that teaches kids that the world needs you just the way you are is going home with the kindergarten students at EJ’s school.

“Kindergarten is my sweet spot because he didn’t get to go to kindergarten,” said Sophia.

EJ hugs a superhero doll.
EJ hugs a superhero doll.(Maddie Kerth)

She wants to turn this initiative into a full-scale non-profit.

Sophia says her family is going to keep working to make their ‘Miracles for EJ’ Amazon wish list bigger and better, and they’ll pick a new book to gift to the kindergarten students each year.

EJ says since he’s been back in school in person, he’s already made a friend.

From where the Lyles family started, to were they are going is all up from here.

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