‘A blessing since we brought him on’: ECVC helps man with disability flourish at job

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 2:44 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - The Eastern Carolina Vocational Center does a lot for people with disabilities in need of jobs.

One such case is that of Ben Grizzard, a member of BTW Global’s logistics department who has rapidly become a valuable asset to the team.

“He’s actually someone here that we depend on keeping things organized because he can store it all in his brain, he knows all of the bundles by heart,” Holden Lynch, warehouse operative team lead said.

Grizzard’s work ethic never goes unnoticed, as he has helped the company almost double its value.

“Ben has really been a blessing since we brought him on,” David Allewalt, chief business officer said. “He is one of the hardest workers here at BTW Global and the department that he moved in has tripled in size and is allowing us to become anywhere between a 22 and $25 million company this year.”

As he works to fulfill book orders for Amazon during his day-to-day duties, his quick critical thinking and advanced math skills help speed up the process for everyone he works with.

“If I don’t know the name or the amount of books in a specific bundle, I can ask Ben,” Mindy Martin, director of logistics said. “He can tell you right off the top of his head what the numbers are, how many we have. He has been a huge, huge asset to the company.”

Since the start of his work in June, Grizzard has already grabbed the eye of BTW Global’s chief operating officer.

“We’ve already talked about him doing some special projects for us in the future; I think Ben has a future in business development for us because the way that his brain works, he sees things from a different perspective, very detail oriented, very focused, finds mistakes very quickly, and has a tremendous memory,” Brent Winne said.

For Ben Grizzard’s father, the job could not have been a better fit.

“It’s just been a great opportunity for him, I think everybody just wants someone to believe in him and take a chance on him and I think he’s just found a real welcoming atmosphere here and just feels at home so it’s been an answer to prayers for us,” Mike Grizzard said.

Lisa Taylor, an ECVC employment specialist and job coach, helped find Ben Grizzard the position at BTW Global. It’s success stories like this that make her job a joy.

“I’m super proud of him and basically as an employment specialist, that’s what we do. We try to match our consumers with the right fit for the employer so that the employer can be satisfied, the consumer is satisfied, everyone is satisfied,” Taylor said.

Ben Grizzard hopes to continue to grow in his role with the company in both the marketing and logistics departments.

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