ECU football wraps up fall preseason camp, players talk football, team and music on media day

Pirates are happy with where they are coming out of camp
ECU football wraps up fall preseason camp, players talk football, team and music on media day
Published: Aug. 20, 2022 at 6:09 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - ECU football had its media day today at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium. You never know what might come out of media day. Our Eric Gullickson found out a little about football and the music that hypes the guys up.

ECU football wrapped up their preseason fall camp this morning with their second scrimmage. The players were relieved to get done with that portion of the preseason and onto the real thing. We spoke to the players today at media day about all topics including football...

“Really the last week and a half we really improved and got that timing down,” says ECU quarterback Holton Ahlers.

“This is a fun year I’ve been having so much fun it’s really been surreal for me,” says ECU linebacker Xavier Smith.

We spoke about how tight the Pirates locker room is right now.

“Bad boys for life. The song by Diddy, P Diddy. We were just singing it and we were like yeah that fits our mantra,” says ECU offensive lineman Parker Moorer, “We gotta be a unit as an o-line and that’s how successful O-lines work.”

“We go by the Mudboys because Mudboys you know we always in the mud and in the trenches,” says ECU defensive lineman Elijah Morris, “We gonna do the dirty work.”

...and about who gets to pick that music they play at practice…

“I don’t get to pick the playlist,” says ECU running back Rahjai Harris, “Sometimes I do wish I got to pick the playlist but you know “Big John” do a good job with the music.”

“I’ve gotten used to what they play now,” says Ahlers, “A bunch of rap, AC/DC which I’m a big fan of some rock ‘n’ roll. I’m a big country guy. I like country.”

“I just threw some suggestions out there I didn’t hear none of the songs that I picked yet,” says Smith, “But I know there’s some songs other guys picked.”

“We got some guys like Miles Berry he’s good with the music,” says ECU linebacker Jeremy Lewis, “He picks the playlist and that’s all him.”

“Made a big playlist of about nine hours worth of clean, edited music,” says ECU linebacker Myles Berry, “Ranging from all R&B, wrap, drill music but yeah it gets the guys pumped up and they love it. We’re able to have more energy at practice now.”

Berry says Pirate fans be ready for third down this fall. He’s got something special for you.

“Third down we’re gonna have some songs that is definitely gonna pump up the defense, and pump up all of Dowdy–Ficklen,” says Berry, “I tell you this, when these songs are played you have to, Dowdy-Ficklen, Boneyard especially, you have to get turnt. Because we trying to get off the field on third down.”

The Pirates open the season in two weeks when they face N.C. State on September 3rd in Greenville.

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