“If I had’ve sat in that car my daughter wouldn’t have a mother today” residents voice concern after 4th of July shots fired

Published: Jul. 8, 2022 at 4:21 PM EDT
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -Residents are voicing concern after shots rang out in an apartment complex parking lot on the Fourth of July.

Jacksonville Police are investigating the shots fired call in the Plaza Manor apartment complex near the Onslow County Library.

Police say they responded to the call around 2:30 that morning. No one was shot, but several shell casings were found and multiple vehicles were damaged from the gunshots.

Officers say they are currently speaking with people who heard shots or witnesses who they believe possibly saw the shooter.

“We were just watching TV and next thing you know we heard boom boom boom boom boom. My daughter jumped out of the bed she was like they shooting and they shooting,” said Plaza Manor resident Renita Roberts.

Roberts says stray bullets caused more than $2,500 in damage to her car including seat and door panel replacement as well as a windshield replacement.

“Usually I come outside and sit in the car at night. This night my daughter kept saying no don’t go outside so I stayed in the house. So if I had been in there, the way the bullet went through the seat I wouldn’t be here today,” she continued.

“That’s the thing about you know this violent acts like that is you know somebody may be shooting at somebody else but it’s the bystanders that have absolutely nothing to do with anything going on that makes it really important for us to really track down who’s responsible,” said Jacksonville Police Lt. Christopher Funcke.

Jacksonville Police say this is an ongoing investigation and have interviewed several residents in the apartments and are reviewing surveillance footage.

With the string of mass shootings across the country and now shots right outside her window, Roberts says she’s concerned for her safety and wants answers, but for now she’s grateful the outcome wasn’t worse.

“This could have been a different situation had I been out in that car my daughter wouldn’t have a mother today and something has to be done ‘cause I wanna live I don’t want to be shot in the street just because you felt like shooting a gun you know that don’t make sense.”

Jacksonville Police are asking anyone with information about the shots fired in the apartment complex to contact the lead detective on the case at 910-938-6464, or the Jacksonville crime stoppers line.

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