Security guard fired after video shows him kicking & pushing patrons at Greenville concert

Security guard fired after video shows him kicking & pushing patrons at Greenville concert
Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 3:30 PM EDT
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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - A Fourth of July concert took a turn for the worse for one Greenville woman.

Emily Parker says she was at the State Theatre in Uptown Greenville for the band Æther Realm when she was pushed off the stage by a staff member at the venue. Video shows that same man also kicking a person in the face.

“...started threatening me and took both of his hands and pushed me off the stage,” Parker said.

Parker says the reason she was on stage was that she was trying to report to management that the staff member was being aggressive. Before she could report him, the same worker grabbed her.

WITN asked Parker what was going through her mind when she was pushed off the stage.

“I feel like I could not believe that,” Parker said. “It was kind of like a slow-motion moment where I thought I would not fall and I just kept falling.”

Parker wasn’t the only person who had problems with the staff member. In a video obtained by WITN, the man is seen pushing what appears to be a child off the stage and kicking a member of the audience in the face.

After the man pushed Parker off the stage, members of the band Æther Realm seemed to be visibly frustrated and stopped the show.

“The kid was basically chased out of the crowd because even the band unplugged their instruments and kind of took off after him because the band was ***ed off because he kept assaulting people,” Parker said.

Two days after the concert, the State Theatre posted on social media the following statement:

Parker tells WITN she doesn’t plan on reaching out to Greenville police to press charges. However, she wants to know how the theater plans on reevaluating its training and safety protocols.

“They issued an apology that was pretty weak, about 48 hours later, and it felt pretty empty,” Parker said. “What does that mean, that’s where the problem is.”

The State Theatre has not yet responded to WITN via phone or social media about how it plans to reevaluate its safety protocols.

Parker says she was left with a few bruises from what happened.

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