Residents in Beaufort & Pitt counties upset over weeks-long CenturyLink outage

Published: Jul. 6, 2022 at 8:11 PM EDT
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(WITN) - Phone outages can happen, but imagine not having service for more than two weeks.

That’s the reality for many residents that live off Sticks Road which borders both Beaufort and Pitt counties.

80-year-old Carolyn Cobb says she and many of her neighbors haven’t had service since Father’s Day.

“Many senior citizens don’t have smart phones,” Cobb said. “They’re used to their house phones. If an emergency comes up and you have to call the rescue squad or the police, you can’t.”

Gladys Smith, a member of Triumph Missionary Baptist Church, says the church’s phone hasn’t been working either.

Smith is worried that her church is missing calls from people asking for help. On a daily basis, members pass out care packages to families in need, but they can’t do that adequately without the phone working.

“That’s a real issue when you’re talking about heat,” Smith said. “It could be as simple as a bottle of water, especially for the elderly.”

CenturyLink is the provider at the center of the outage.

Pitt and Beaufort County managers tell WITN that it’s the telecommunications company’s responsibility to fix the service problem, not the counties’.

WITN reached out to CenturyLink’s national headquarters via email, social media, and phone. We have not yet received a response.

Cobb says she’s still being forced to pay her phone bill, even though it’s not working.

“I sent a letter through the mail to CenturyLink and I haven’t heard any response,” Cobb said.

WITN also reached out to the CenturyLink providers in Washington and Greenville about the outages. We have not heard back from them either.

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