Sports Spotlight: Softball star Nyla Rodgers ready for Division 1 future

Sports Spotlight: Softball star Nyla Rodgers ready for Division 1 future
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 5:37 PM EDT
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N.C. (WITN) - For 13 years, rising freshman Nyla Rodgers has dedicated her time and energy to becoming a well-rounded softball player.

Starting out at the age of four, it took her some time to fully commit to the game.

“I didn’t get serious about softball until about ten years old, and moving on to middle school, I started playing travel ball with Lady Venom and then I moved on with Mudslingers and I’m currently playing with Lady Dukes,” Rodgers, who is a rising freshman at North Carolina Central University, said.

The atmosphere and attitude of her future team are two of the key things Rodgers is looking forward to experiencing this upcoming season.

“I went to one of their games when they played ECU and I just saw how they all interacted with each other and it was kind of just like a family,” Rodgers said.

With her first collegiate season on the horizon, the second and third baseman has been dedicated to her training.

“It’s kept me busy, I’ll say that. I’ve been training almost every day this summer because I want to be ready and I want to play as a freshman,” Rodgers said. “I really just take responsibility to make sure that I train and build up my endurance and make sure that I’m ready for that level.”

Rodgers’ mom, Stacy House Rodgers, has been an active part of her daughter’s career since she was a child. She expresses that she could not be more proud of her daughter who is about to be on her own for the first time.

“As far as leaving us and growing up and going to college, definitely we are adjusting to that,” Stacy House Rodgers said. “But we are definitely very proud of her, we know she is ready. She is ready educationally, she’s ready sportswise... we’re not worried about her succeeding.”

Nyla Rodgers graduated magna cum laude and was given the Chancellor Cycle of Success Scholarship to attend NCCU where she will be part of the university’s honors program in the fall.

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