Inflation won’t stop some Crystal Coast vacation plans

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 7:07 PM EDT
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ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C. (WITN) - The United States Joint Economic Committee data shows Inflation rates have gone up 6.8% in May of 2022 compared to 1.2% in May of 2021.

In North Carolina, gas prices have increased more than 50 cents in the past month.

Despite rising consumer prices, some hotels along the coast say business hasn’t been negatively impacted.

“We are heading into a sold-out weekend this weekend even with the weather and everything going on around us got a lot of people coming and going,” said Palm Suites manager Cassie Madison

As Memorial Day weekend begins, the Crystal Coast tourism authority says the tourism industry in Carteret County is continuing to increase revenue.

“We have experienced a few cancellations because of the gas prices but the void is filled pretty quickly. It opens up the door for people who couldn’t get in at the time,” said Crystal Coast Tourism Development Executive Director, Jim Browder.

Browder explained many of the out-of-state tourists who cancel reservations get replaced by in-state tourists looking to drive for vacation to cut costs on airfare.

“I spent probably $50.00 and I’m still running on that $50.00 so It wasn’t as much,” explained Hickory, North Carolina resident Katie Brown.

When asked whether or not to cancel her trip to Atlantic Beach, Brown said, “You only live once so if I have to pay that to go somewhere pretty great I’m going to do it.”

“It’s a very high demand area that most beaches along the North Carolina coast are extremely busy during the summer months, especially that Memorial Day Labor Day period. And we’re no exception to that,” said Browder.

The Crystal Coast Tourism Authority says state-tourism data shows the Crystal Coast produces over $400 million in revenue from tourism.

The Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority says it expects a $1.5million increase in revenue over the course of the current fiscal year.

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